Enterprise Performance Reporting

Information Access
Seamlessly Leverage Existing Documents, Data Sources, and Reporting Content
Use existing Word and PowerPoint or PDF-based narrative reports, along with Excel-based reporting, to integrate nearly any data or reporting content from any source, via a consistent and controlled process with cloud-based refreshes.
Easy Integration with Oracle and Non-Oracle Sources
Leverage existing IT investments to quickly integrate data from multiple on-premise and cloud sources including spreadsheets, EPM applications, ERP Cloud Financials, OBIEE content, and native databases.
Native Web-Based Report Writer
Use Management Reporting to create financial and managerial reports with charts and grids sourced from multiple EPM cloud, EPM Cloud Financials and/or Essbase sources, and embed report content into report package doclets with server side updates.
Data Integrity Throughout the Report
Use one version of the truth for data tables, charts, and text within a paragraph, enforcing consistency and integrity throughout the report even if authored by different contributors.
Multi-Dimensional Reporting Platform
Leverage Oracle Essbase capabilities in the cloud for providing hierarchical and dimensional analysis on financial data.

Intuitive and Flexible Authoring Environment
Create grids, charts, reports, and narratives using Microsoft Office and Management Reporting.
Document Lifecycle Management and Control
Utilize document check in/out with access permissions and multiple version control.
Highly Maintainable
Rollover and reuse content from period to period, and take advantage of centralized maintenance of common dates, text, and data.
Integrate Structured and Narrative Content
Combine financial statements and data with textual narrative to produce a single stylized report package.

Collaboration and Workflow
Multiple Users Working Together
Manage the distributed development of report sections across multiple users.
Review and Commentary
Perform review cycles and commentary for individual report sections as well as the entire report package.
Notifications on Tasks Due
Users are notified of upcoming deadlines and deliverables.
Process Flow, Approvals, and Status Reporting
Approve report sections and monitor overall report completion status on mobile or web.

Review and Commentary
Flexible Review Cycles
Perform review cycles and commentary for individual report sections as well as the entire report package.
Robust Commentary Framework
Anchor commentary against content in the report and carry it forward throughout the review lifecycle.

Publishing and Delivery
Internal Reports and Ad Hoc Analysis
Access reports via mobile, web, or Microsoft Office.
Books of Managerial and Financial Reports
Group reports to produce executive briefing books and other books of financial record.
Enterprise Awareness
Achieve integrated financial decisions and drive insights into financial impacts.
Securely Distribute Report Content to Stakeholders
Send report content to stakeholders at any point in the report development.

Regulatory Reporting
XBRL Taxonomy Management and Extension
Manage and design base and extension XBRL taxonomies.
Microsoft Office-based XBRL Tagging
Easily perform XBRL tagging in Microsoft Word and Excel, and produce detailed XBRL audit reports.
XBRL Validation
Validate XBRL tagging with taxonomy schema rules and calculations to check data accuracy and compliance, and utilize regulatory-specific validation for SEC EDGAR Filer Manual rules and IFRS Global Filing Manual.
Multiple Regulatory Publishing Formats
Publish in XBRL, iXBRL, SEC EDGAR HTML, and PDF formats.