Ledger and Analytics
Multi-Dimensional Reporting Platform
Analyze account balances by any dimension real-time.
Self-Service Reporting
Monitor and address your top concerns with mobile capabilities.
Collaborative Close
Improve visibility with a collaborative close process.
Visualization Capabilities
Interact with account balances and view them from different perspectives.

Payables and Assets
Invoices and Payments
Control supplier balances, invoices, and payments.
Integrated Imaging
Automate imaging with OCR and reduce errors.
Track and account fixed assets.
Cash Management
Manage bank accounts, cash positions, and cash forecasts.

Manage customer data centrally.
Customer Invoices and Payments
Create customer invoices, and receive and apply customer payments.
Balance and Revenue Management
Manage customer balances and recognize revenue.
Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting to Cash
Manage the entire quote to order to cash process.

Customer Ranking
Allow customers to be ranked uniquely with configurable scoring.
Increase efficiency by pushing work to collectors.
Payment Management
Improve cash flow with promise and payment capabilities.
Later-Stage Collections
Identify and track bankrupt customers.

Create and submit expense reports easily.
Policy Controls
Enforce expense management controls with approvals and audits.
Mobile Expenses
Enter expenses on the go.
Project and Travel Integration
Improve business processes with integration to Project Financials and GetThere.