Improve requirements gathering, document sharing, and negotiation effectiveness with sourcing teams and Oracle Social Network.
Simplify your negotiation activities with intuitive tools and a modern user experience.
Gain insight into spend opportunities and maximize negotiated savings.

Enforce business policies using pre-approved clause libraries, contract templates, and guided contract creation.
Improve Visibility
Leverage a secure and searchable contract repository, automate renewals, and capture amendments and addendums with a complete contract audit history.
Ensure Compliance
Identify deviations from standards, highlight contract risks, enforce document approvals, and capture electronic signatures.

Procure to Pay
Streamline Processes
Automate requisition through invoice matching and payment, and shift your organizational focus towards more strategic activities.
Simplify Shopping
Help your employees to quickly find the goods and services they need with a familiar consumer buying experience.
Enforce Negotiated Pricing
Ensure your negotiated pricing and terms are automatically leveraged to realize maximum savings.

Supplier Management
Manage Qualifications
Qualify and assess suppliers to support supplier programs, compliance, and negotiation award decisions.
Improve Information Accuracy
Capture timely updates to supplier information and proactively respond when changes might affect supplier qualifications, capabilities, or risk.
Enable Supplier Collaboration
Give suppliers the insight they need, allow them to share documents and commentary, and let them transact electronically with minimal training.