Product LifeCycle Management

Innovation Management
Ideation Management
Capture, collaborate, and enrich ideas from many different sources.
Requirements and Concepts Management
Translate ideas into detailed requirements. Validate product concept achievability against requirements, cost, and supply chain risk tolerance.
Proposal Management
Develop consistent business justification. Capture budget, resources, and benefit expectations.
Innovation Portfolio Management
Create a balanced portfolio consisting of the best commercialization opportunities.

Product Development
Item Management
Create, classify, find, and reuse items.
BOM Management
Securely manage and control the development product record.
Change Management
Collaboratively manage engineering change orders to capture design iterations.
Product Readiness Insight
Analyze and grade items and BOMs for supply chain, release, and sourcing readiness.

Product Hub
Supply Chain Commercialization
Accelerate manufacturing and supply chain readiness with site-specific structures and operational attributes.
Sales Commercialization
Enrich products with sales and marketing attributes, cross-sell and up-sell relationships, and catalog categorizations.
Data Syndication
Integrate easily by sharing clean and accurate item data in a hybrid cloud environment.

Project Portfolio Management
Collaborative Planning
Enable teams to work together to plan and deliver projects.
Simplified Scheduling
Leverage intuitive and integrated scheduling tools.
Projects for PLM
Enable teams to work together to plan and deliver projects, leveraging the integration with Oracle Innovation Management and Product Development.
Project Manager Mobile
Visualize and communicate project plans and status on the go.

Quality Management
Design for Quality
Connect product design standards and quality specifications to define inspection plans.
Inspection Management
Perform inspections at critical points throughout the supply chain.
Non-Conformance Management
Capture quality events in a centralized issue repository.
Corrective Action Implementation
Manage issues and corrective actions through their lifecycle capturing approvals, verifying the solution, and closing the incident.