Product Master Data Management

Data On-Boarding
Self-Service Vendor Portal
Empower your trading partners to take ownership of their product data and keep their products and digital assets up to date.
Configurable Import Maps
Create a one-time mapping between source data files and master data columns using a drag-and-drop interface.
Visual Data Import UI
Monitor data import via a graphical summary.
Validation and Error Management
Run validations and correct data issues prior to import.

Data Maintenance
Rich Product Definition
Create a complete product definition with unlimited attributes, digital assets, relationships, structures, GTINs and category assignments.
Contextual Product and Catalog Information
Maintain product data for multiple contexts including geographies, channels, and target markets.
Flexible Search and Browse
Discover product information quickly through parametric search and browse.
Mass Update
Keep product data current with mass update capabilities available in the UI or through file uploads.

Data Stewardship and Governance
Collaborative New Item Definition
Orchestrate product definition across multiple stakeholders through a guided workflow.
Change Control
Enforce change control, route for approvals, and maintain revisions.
Business Rules and Impact Analysis
Define data validation rules, analyze impact, and mass-update products to enforce compliance.
Social Collaboration
Collaborate effectively on product data with embedded conversations and ability to review, annotate, and share files.
Real-Time Analysis and Reports
Get better insight with real-time analysis on product data and easy-to-build reports.
Granular Security and Audit Trail
Enforce functional and data level security with full audit trail.

Data Sharing
Multiple Export Formats
Share product data in industry standard formats, including .csv, .xls, and .xml.
User Configurable Publication Criteria
Empower business users to control which product data entities get published to which consuming systems.
Validated Product Publication
Ensure only complete and validated products are published.